Apple’s Made It Less Annoying To Unlock Your Phone When Wearing A Mask

Currently, when an iPhone owner swipes to unlock their device – It will try to scan their face if Face ID is enabled on the device. If they are wearing a mask though, You need to tap the Face ID prompt or wait for the scan to fail before you can unlock your phone by typing in your passcode on a second screen prompt.

This latest update simply removes the wait for the Face ID unlock to fail.

When you first swipe to unlock, the device will attempt to scan their face while also offering a passcode input option on the same screen (Why this wasn’t done in the first place I’ll never know)

It only asks you to enter a passcode if the device detects that your mouth is covered though (Maybe this will work with an unruly beard which I’m sure some of you have right now!). If you’re not wearing a mask, Face ID will work as normal. 

Unfortunately this iOS Beta isn’t available to the public as of yet.

You currently have two options to sort out this issue

You can shut off Face ID completely in the settings of your device and just type your passcode eavery time you want to unlock your device.

Or you can also try to make use of a workaround that involves taking a new Face ID scan with a mask covering half of your mouth.

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