Best Websites To Buy Tools

This is a collection of websites that I have collected, Which have the best prices for tools online & deliver to Ireland & UK.

  • Amazon UK – Surprisingly enough, Amazon a lot of the time had tools cheaper than local stores, other online stores such as Screwfix. If you have Amazon Prime – this is better again with Prime delivery.
  • Axminster Tools – Great selection, More for the ‘bigger tools’ for me. Lathes, bench grinders etc. Worldwide delivery.
  • Screwfix – If you don’t already know about Screwfix, I don’t know how. Fast delivery is the reason you’ll pay that little bit more with these guys. If you can’t find a fastener or fixing on here, there’s something wrong with you.
  • Caulfield Industrial – Great selection of absolutely everything with these guys. From hand-tools to drills & thermal imagers. Snickers workwear is reasonably priced. A lot of industrial machinery also like presses and welders.
  • Ray Grahams – One of my favorite Irish sites. Some items are cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else. But for example – I picked up a Weller soldering iron in Homebase for 9 euro! And Ray Graham’s have the very same one up for 63 euro. Same goes with ratchet spanners – One draper 10mm ratchet spanner is €11, where I got a 10mm Wera Joker ‘holding’ ratchet spanner on amazon for €11. One unique part of Ray Grahams is you can order pallets of supplies. E.g. 624 Heat logs for 462 inc VAT. You could easily sell these at €1.50 per log & 5 for €5, leaving a tidy profit after claiming the VAT back.
  • Rutlands – Rutlands has a vast collection of Woodwork specific tools & supplies. Some unique stuff here, Such as T tracks, router tables, roller stands and dovetail jigs.
  • Toolstop – Some great prices can be found here for specific items. I bought a Stanley toolbag very cheap from here. Also Knipex cobra pliers were cheaper here for me than anywhere else. Including Amazon.

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