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Burglar Steals VAN GOGH in Dutch Museum During Coronavirus Lockdown

The security footage shows a thief smashed the doors of Singer Laren museum using a sledgehammer to steal the Vincent van Gogh painting “Lentetuin” or “Spring Garden” worth €2.97 million. The museum is currently shut down due to coronavirus pandemic.

The Singer Laren Museum in Laren, Netherlands.

The footage originated on Dutch TV in the hopes of catching the unidentified suspect. Some clips of the footage have been held by Police in the hopes of aiding the investigation.

The recently stolen “Spring Garden” by Vincent Van Gogh

As per the CCTV film, at 3:15 a.m. March 30th, the thief showed up outside the Museum riding a motorbike – alone. In the following seconds, he crushed the tempered glass doors of the Singer Laren gallery and made his way inside.

The museums doors at that point had been shut since Mar. 12 after the Dutch government prohibited events of in excess of 100 individuals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He entered the exhibition hall through the gift shop. At that point, with a couple of hits to another glass entryway, he got entry to the main Gallery before leaving with the fine piece of art tucked under his arm and a sledgehammer in the other.

The burglar leaving with the Van Gogh in one hand, sledgehammer in other.
Source: Korps Nationale Politie

While the burglary had set off the alarm systems, the thief was well gone when the police showed up.

In a press briefing, Singer Laren’s Managing Director ‘Evert van Os’ defended the museum’s security. 

The burglar broke through some doors and several layers of security that had been approved by security experts

Well… clearly.

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