Google Launches Free Version of Stadia With a Two Month Pro Trial.

Anyone with a Gmail address can get Stadia free of charge.

Google is launching the free version of its Stadia game streaming service today.

It comes just two months after Google promised a free option was coming soon, and it will mean anyone can get access to 9 games which includes Destiny 2: The Collection, GRID and Thumper, for free.

Anyone with a Gmail address can sign up free, and Google’s even giving a free two month trial of Stadia Pro as part of the launch.

Source – Google

Pre-existing Stadia Pro customers get two months of the service for free, as Google isn’t charging existing subscribers for the next two months.

But while Google Stadia Pro is available to play today on Google Chrome and compatible TVs using Chromecast, it can’t be used through Android mobile devices.

You can still use Google Stadia’s App to access your account.. but when it comes to loading up a game, you’ll be forced to open it up in a Google Chrome window.

This is another step that has been implemented due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led Google to remove Andorid support from their Pixel devices.

If you’re interested in trying out Stadia for free, you can now sign up over at Google’s Stadia website.

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