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Robots Connecting Elderly With Loved Ones During Coronavirus

The Belgian AI / Robotics company is lending a (friendly) army of robots to nursing homes to help residents keep in contact with all of their loved ones after the government banned visitors to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The company, named ‘Zorabots’, said they would initially loan 60 of its robots named “James” to nursing homes as a trial, and if successful it could lend hundreds more if required. The friendly helper robot can navigate rooms, connect with others through video chat on Facebook or Messenger. They really should have called them Jeeves.

Josef Gouwy 93 happily waves to a family member on the ‘James’ robot’s “face” in Ostend, Belgium.

Belgium’s government has banned visitors from nursing homes much like Ireland, alongside measures including limiting shop opening times and closing schools to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Nele Vandewiele, director of Residential Care for the city’s government stated that the robots could help residents who were missing contact with the outside world and their families.

zora bots james
Adree Desmaelle, 76, happily getting a demonstration on how to connect to one of her family members

ZoraBots is an interactive and caring Robotic platform solution which runs on the world’s most popular “humanoid type” AI Robots, such as ‘Pepper’, which is often used for education as well as healthcare.

ZoraBots is an interactive and caring platform solution which runs on the world’s most popular humanoid robots. ZoraBots makes friendly, intelligent companions with just one goal: making your life better- more comfortable, fun, healthier and relaxed.


Video source Softbank Robotics

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