The Truth About The iPhone SE

Now before I start, I am a fan of some Apple products, I have owned numerous and still own some.

But these products are the original iPad Air, a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina 15 and up until recently a iPhone 7 (we’ll get to that shortly)

The newest iPhone SE to put quite frankly; is a bit of a joke. It looks like a phone that Apple just made from leftovers and bares no real resemblance to the original SE which was a massive hit.

The old vs the new

Why anyone would want a phone that looks like a 3 year old iPhone which at the time of released already looked old because all of the competitors were moving to semi-fullscreen phones. Keeping in mind the first SE was only a year beforehand. If they had any sense they would have made the SE design the same but slimmer and slightly larger. And let’s be honest they should have put two cameras in it at the very least. The 11’s camera is good but for the price – not really.

The reason people bought the original iPhone SE was for two reasons. It was small, fast, capable but more importantly for Apple users – it looked like a new iPhone and was stylish. The new iPhone SE in 2020 is neither of those things.

Keep in mind Apple recently started trying to sell castor’s for a Mac pro for 700 dollars. Four simple feet is 400 dollars. They’re really pushing the envelope on what they expect people to pay for these days.

Prime example being I traded my second hand iPhone 7 complete with dying battery for a brand new Huawei p20 lite with 48mp triple camera setup. It would have cost me an extra 250 euro to upgrade to an iPhone 8 which is really not much different to the 7.

The ecosystem of Apple is a great one but they’ve come to the point that the ecosystem is just too hard for the average person to easily join it. The very reason I don’t have an iMac or Mac Pro as I just made a hackintosh. It’s nothing but overpriced hardware. The only logical reason to get one is the software.

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